Tiramisù cake, no raw eggs recipe

Tiramisù cake, a delicious dessert with a sponge  base soaked in espresso coffe, ladyfingers and a nice mascarpone cream. Great idea for your next birthday cake! Preparation time: 60 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes + 20 minutes Difficulty: easy Cost: medium Ingredients for a Tiramisu Cake diam. 20 cm (6 servings) (use the weight converter here under […]

Tiramisu with chocolate and coconut

The tiramisu is perhaps the most famous Italian dessert, and it really represents our Country in the world, from the culinary point of view, of course. Apart from the institutional version with eggs, sugar, mascarpone cheese, espresso coffe and biscuits (ladyfingers), most Italian people have their own personal version. As my family is very fond […]


There are few words one can spend about the tiramisu, because it is a dessert that everyone knows, and maybe the most representative among the  Italian desserts. This is the reason why I rather give you my recipe for a one serving tiramisu that will thrill your guests at first sight. Preparation time: 30 minutes Cooking time: […]