Tiramisù cake, no raw eggs recipe

Tiramisù cake, a delicious dessert with a sponge  base soaked in espresso coffe, ladyfingers and a nice mascarpone cream. Great idea for your next birthday cake! Preparation time: 60 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes + 20 minutes Difficulty: easy Cost: medium Ingredients for a Tiramisu Cake diam. 20 cm (6 servings) (use the weight converter here under […]

Apricot and green apples pie

Apricot and green apples pie: a new and healthy recipe to make children love fruits and fibers. The Apricot and green apples pie has a base of crumble pastry made of wholewheat floor and is characterized by a pleasant sour taste conferred by green apples and apricots, sweetened by sugar cane and aromatizd by cinnamon. It ‘s […]

Strawberry Heart Cookies

The Strawberry heart cookies are delicious biscuits made of shortcrust pastry stuffed with strawberry jam. During spring, when fresh strawberries are easyly at hand, we can use a strawberry dusted with icing sugar to stuff our biscuits, while the rest of the year we can use a jam with nice chunks of strawberry to make […]

Sbrisolona Mantovana Italian traditional cake

Today it is very trendy to use crumbles to make sweet and savory preparations. In the Italian traditional and regional cuisine the quintessential CRUMBLE CAKE is the SBRISOLONA MANTOVANA, a crunchy and delicious cake made of a very special crumble shortcrust pastry, typical of Lombardia and original fron the town of Mantua. Below I give […]